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Genre: Biography, Biking, Adventure, Outdoor


Armando Basile was born in 1947 in the province of Lecce, Italy. At the age of 17, he came to Germany via Switzerland. Armando was always hardworking and a loving husband and father. When he began experiencing back pain, his doctor suggested he engage in more physical activity. Thus began an adventure that captured the hearts of his wife and son. Armando embarked on a journey to explore Europe and later the entire world on his bicycle. In 2004, he lost his wife, and what was once a shared hobby became an extreme sport in the face of his loss. The tours became more extensive, and the duration extended. He spent several months at a time, braving the elements. OVER THE COURSE OF 40 YEARS, HE RODE A TOTAL OF 1.5 MILLION KILOMETERS, CIRCLING THE GLOBE 7 TIMES. Through his tours, he encountered numerous people and formed new friendships. In this work, you can experience firsthand all his adventures, the years spent on the bicycle, the encounters with fellow travelers, and his thoughts along the way.

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E- Book -The 1,5 Million Kilometer Man (ENG) - Armando Basile & Manfred Poser

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